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Export emails from Comcast server?

I've started to use Outlook as my email program and have set up my Comcast address...that is working fine.  Now, is there a way to export past emails that I have have in folders I've created on the Comcast server to the Outlook program?  Can I create an Outlook .pst file or some other type of file?  I have not found any info on how I can do that.  Thanks.

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Re: Export emails from Comcast server?

Moving email from Comcast's webmail (aka Xfinify Connect) to your computer.


People want to do this for a variety of reasons, the main ones being to backup the email, or to get local copies prior to switching ISPs.



You have to do this with an email client (like Outlook Express, Outlook, Windows Mail, Thunderbird, etc.).

You can only do this via POP3, and POP3 can only download email that's in the webmail Inbox.

IMPORTANT The default behavior of almost all POP3 email clients is to delete messages after downloading them. If you want copies of your email to still be available via webmail you have to configure the email client to "leave messages on server".

Different email clients have different ways of storing email. Although it's generally possible to export/import the various formats from client to client, viewing the downloaded email conveniently will always require using an email client.



Empty out the Inboxes of both webmail (unless you're only interested in what's in the webmail Inbox) and the email client. Create Temp folders and move messages in the Inbox to the Temp folder if necessary.

Create folders in the email client that correspond to the webmail folders.

Email client config: port 995, SSL, Leave messages on server; detailed configuration steps for some common email clients can be found here: . That doesn't address the "Leave messages on server" aspect. Best bet there is to Google on "'your email software' 'version number' + leave messages on server" (without the single or double quotes).


How to do it

Move a folder's worth of messages into the webmail Inbox.

Download via email client

Move messages in the client Inbox to the appropriate folder (should be as simple as CTRL-A > Move)

Move messages in the webmail Inbox back to where they were.

Move another folder's worth of messages into the webmail Inbox.



Credit to Steve Baker for compiling these directions



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Re: Export emails from Comcast server?

Thanks for that response. Not as convenient as exporting a .pst file or other format but this sounds like it will work for me. Thanks much for the advice and to Steve Baker too I guess.