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Outlook 2010 and Xfinity Emails

Problem #1


Emails sent using Outlook 2010 are not showing in the Xfinity Email sent folder.


What settings do I have to make to get the Outlook sent emails to show in Xfinity email? 


Incoming emails show in both Outlook 2010 and Xfinity. 


Problem #2


I use several folders in Xfinity email.  When Xfinity email was synchronized with Outlook 2010, only the Xfinity Inbox emails are showing in Outlook 2010.   The emails from the other Xfinity folders did not transfer to Outlook 2010.  How do I get the emails from these folders to show in Outlook 2010?


Thank you.


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Re: Outlook 2010 and Xfinity Emails

What you are seeing in a POP mail system is normal.  If you want all folders to sync, you need to switch to a email system that offers IMAP such as Gmail or some others.  


There are rumors that Comcast will offier IMAP, but nothing has come out yet.