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Retaining email on the Comcast server

How do I change the Outlook/Comcast settings so that copies of inbox mail are retained on the Comcast server? I want to be able to access recent messages via the Internet after they have been downloaded to my desktop.



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Re: Retaining email on the Comcast server

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In outlook go into your mail settings, and then "more settings" click on the advanced tab and click to leave a copy on the server.



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Re: Retaining email on the Comcast server

Go To (depending on Outlook version)


Account Settings (can be found in tools for Outlook 2007 or can be found under file in 2010)


Once in Account Settings, you will see your email listed in the window. It will be your account followed by pop/smtp ( comcast email is an example of a pop account)


double click on your account/email name


go to more settings (usually bottom right corner)


Go to the advanced taLook for the "Delivery" section.


This is where you can select how long you would like to keep email on the server.