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Reviving Topic - IMAP Support

Hoping a squeaky wheel will get some grease.  Does Comcast plan on supporting IMAP anytime soon?  There have been quite a bit of improvements to all the services since I joined over 15 years ago.  (I was a beta tester for @home service back before Comcast took it over from ATT).  It's become increasingly important that I have IMAP available for managing emails.  With the increased use of mobile devices, managing email using POP3 is very cumbersome.  I would consider using a different service for email (i.e. gmail, etc.) but switching after all these years would be very cumbersome.  Please Please Comcast - consider supporting IMAP.

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Re: Reviving Topic - IMAP Support

Comcast has never given any indication that IMAP is imminent. When pressed, the most they'll ever say is that it's something they're investigating.