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What is wrong with email??

I've been having probelms since Friday - can you just admit if you are having issues?? My home email is fine, but when I check my inbox from all the emails in my inbox are gone except the once I received today. They are not in the trash (been asked that already). Here's the message that appears in red:

External Account Failure

Retrieving messages for the following external account has failed:

lfrollick%40comcast_pop3 (failing since 11/30/12 12:23pm)

Error: system dailure: unable to connect to POP3 server

DataSource:{id-6480bf1c03936-4beb-958b-8bbef8d6d7c3, type=pop3, isEnabled=true, name=lfrollick%40comcast_pop3,,port=110, connectionType=cleartext,username=lfrollick%40comcast, folderId=257}, authorization failed


The failed accounts will not update until the problem(s) have been resolved. Click OK to go to preferences.