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disappearing email while composing

Frequently, while composing an email in SmartZone, the email just disappears...not to be found in drafts, sent, or other files.  any idea what is happening?

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Re: disappearing email while composing

What type of browser are you using? Firefox? Chrome...

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Re: disappearing email while composing

This happens to me when I have been logged on to for a long time (around 6 hours) and the session expires while I'm in the middle of writing or sending an email. Instead of popping up a window to ask me to refresh my log on I just get booted at the next key stroke and I lose the email. Happens all the time.


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Re: disappearing email while composing

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To avoid this from happening when the session expires, do you have your Preferences set in composing (Preferences> Composing) to automatically save drafts of messages while composing?  After making any Preference changes, make sure you click on SAVE. 

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Re: disappearing email while composing

Thank you all.  Especially CCCarol re:  Preferences check.  Being done now...hope it's fixed!