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how to delete all emails at once

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Re: how to delete all emails at once

If you go to Preferences > Email in SmartZone, you can set the size of the "page" to 10, 25, 50 or 100 e-mails. Set it to 100 and you get the maximum amount per "page delete" (checking the box in the column heading line to check all of the e-mails on that page).

If you don't even want to do that, you can go into SmartZone Lite (Preferences > General and check SZ Lite and then Save. Then log out and back in.). Once you are in SZ Lite, highlight the Inbox folder and click the "Edit" link on the folder line.

You will then get a page that will say "Inbox" at the top and will have a check box in the middle of the page with the text "Permanently hard delete all items in this folder. This operation can not be undone." next to it.

Check the box and click on the "Delete all items" box. However, once you do, all the items in that folder (the Inbox in this case) are gone!!! They are not in the trash or anywhere else. And they cannot be brought back.

Frankly, I'd do the option that I started off with - that gives you a chance to change your mind on a particular e-mail.

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Re: how to delete all emails at once

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I wish we had more than a subject to the post to go on, for providing suggestions, even though the issue seem to be described, we aren't sure what folder the OP is talking about.


If it's a personal folder they created, those folders can be emptied using the "Empty Folder" option when right-clicked.  Same with the Trash.  Of course those "all or nothing" options carry some risk of getting rid of things you didn't mean to.  (As JR indicated with his SZ lite suggestion, as well.)

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Re: how to delete all emails at once

This took me a while to figure out... but HERE IS HOW to delete ALL emails at ONE TIME!

customer service told me it could not be done.... go figure....


at top of the first email.. where it says "FROM"... to the left is a box....... THE KEY HERE IS!!!


hold your shift key down as you click the box... if you dont, you will only select 100...... if you do it right,    it will allow you to delete ALL   ( 43,000 for me)