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security certificate

When I try to log into my e-mail I get the message that the security certificate for the site isn't valid or has expired.  Won't let me log in.

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Re: security certificate

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We need more specific information.


1. The exact URL showing in the Address field in the browser

2. The exact certificate error

3. What browser and version you are using

4. The OS and version


If using SmartZone, the most like scenarios break down like this:


a) The login server (since SZ does not use SSL) has a bad certificate (not likely, but possible),


b) or more probably your browser is old and has not had updated CA certificates loaded or refreshed recently, so you can't verify server certs signed by newer certficate authorities.

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Re: security certificate

Are you using Safari in Mac OS X 10.5? I recently started getting certificate errors when I try to login to Comcast from a machine with that configuration. But it doesn't say the certificate is invalid or expired, it says it was signed by an unknown certificate authority. It started a couple of weeks ago, when I installed the Safari 4.0.5 update.


This was my work machine, and it was replaced yesterday with a machine running 10.6. I haven't tried going to Comcast from the new machine yet, so I don't know if the problem still persists there. I don't have the error on my machine at home running 10.6.

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Re: security certificate

I was able to login to Comcast today with my new machine at work, and didn't get the warning about a certificate problem.


georgiakelley, can you confirm that you're using Safari on Leopard (not Snow Leopard) when you get these errors?

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Re: security certificate

Can you verify that the time and date on your computer is accurate as well?