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Outgoing mail SSL port 465 no longer works ! I can connect to the server but it looks like whatever backend server that handles login credentials is fubar ( like the server is not connecting to the RADIUS server).

incoming SSL port 995 works fine. I can connect via SSL and get mail with no problems !


They told me to use 100 in and 25 out, and tried to explain that those are not SSL ports.


I tried to explain this to the support line and guess what ? After 10 mins of being on hold they transfered me to Microsoft ? WTH ?


This USED to work, and  port 465 works just fine on my Android ( probably hitting a different server).


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Re: SSL port 465 no longer works !

Which mail client are you running?


Could you carefully go through the settings and retype everything? Be sure you get all the letters, numbers, and wording correct. 

I know you say that incoming is working, but nevertheless, I use:

outgoing:, 465, SSL, password authentication (make sure I have just username without the, correct password)

incoming:, 995, SSL, password authentication


For each of those, be sure you save the changes.