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transfer email data to new email account

i ahve recently closed my comcast account how can I have the files set up in my comcast email accounts transferred to new account not comcast provider


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Re: transfer email data to new email account

Once you Comcast account is closed, you need to move your files quickly, as at anytime, Comcast can stop access to your old account/email.  It could be days or weeks. No way of knowing.


If you already have a new email address somewhere else, you could forward them all from Smartzone.  If you do that though, they emails will show as having come from YOU, not the original recipient.

IF you also used andd will continue, to use an email client (Outlook, Windows Mail,etc.) you can set up rules in the email client to move the emails to it.


In addition, you could send all email to a free account, such as Gmail.


Once you tell us what you use, we could assist you further.

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