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Always losing my wireless connection

I had Comcast out to my house on several occasions and they cannot find anything wrong, yet I lose my wireless connection on average every other day. Does anyone know why ?

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Re: Always losing my wireless connection

Need a little more info there. 


What make and model of modem/router, or wireless gateway are you using?


When you lose wireless connection, are you still able to access the internet through ethernet (wired) connection?


When you lose your wireless connection, is it random, or a specific time of day?


What are you connecting to the internet...notebook, desktop, x-box, smartphone, etc.?  If more than one device, do they all lose connection, or not?

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Re: Always losing my wireless connection

I am getting a good wireless signal on my smart phone, but there is no internet connectivity there. The internet is accessible on the hardline and I am able to surf the web. The router in question is the Xfinity Wireless gateway. Then the disconnect happens maybe every 7 days. The Ipad tottaly looses the wifi connection and forgets the network. Question is why this happens? Do we need to change something in the settings.? Workaround is to disconnect the power and remove the battery for 1 minute, then reconnect. This seems to work so far.

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Re: Always losing my wireless connection

The Xfinity Wireless Gateways are junk with really awful wireless range and performance.  Best not to use it at all, get it bridged at 800-363-2416 and get your own decent wireless router.  But if you want to try:


1. Change the wireless security setup on the gateway to WPA2PSK-AES, not WPA/WPA2PSK-AES.

2. Forget this network on the iOS device and try again.