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Business Class Router question (SMCD3G-CCR)

We just got comcast at work which replaced our verizon internet and phones. So far we love the system and it's way faster. Everything seems great.


I do need one thing though and I don't think customer support understood what I was asking.



We have about 15 computers in our offices give or take.


Here is how our office is "wired" right now.


We have the comcast "modem/router" which is the SMCD3G-CCR downstairs in room "A".


The SMCD3G connects to a Linksys wireless router via ethernet in room "A". That Linksys router connects upstairs into a 24 port DLINK switch in room "B". From that switch it goes into room "C" and connects to an 8 port netgear switch which has 3 computers and a big xerox plotter printer (print system 510dp) connected to it..


My Xerox plotter is connected to an 8 port netgear switch in room C. In order for everything to work right that plotter needs a fixed ip address (I assume an interal ip address assigned by the comcast modem/router unit).


Right now I have the xerox plotter set to


I want to ensure that no other computers can get that IP address assigned to them.


After loggin into the router and looking all the computers are below but I would just like to be able to set it up in the comcast SMCD3G that the address cannot be assigned by DHCP. I have manually assigned it to the printer which I did by physically changing the settings on the printer and set it up on that IP address when I installed the driver on the windows 7 machines that will print to the plotter.


Is there any way I can do that? I basically want to have the peice of mind that the comcast modem/router will not assign the printers address of to any of the office computers.


If I can do this, that should be something that I only have to do on the comcast box. I shouldn't have to do that on the Linksys router or mess with the two switches?