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Cisco VPN client

From home, I am trying to connect to my work computer using Cisco VPN client and I get the following error message “Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client.  Reason 412:  The remote peer is no longer responding.”  I don’t have this problem unless I’m at home so the problem is due to my connection from home.  I am connected to the internet directly to the modem (not through a router).  I can surf the internet but can’t connect with VPN.  My computer uses Windows 7.  My previous computer used Windows XP and I could connect with VPN without any problems.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Cisco VPN client

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I can think of several possible issues:


1. Local firewall is getting in the way.  Make sure whatever firewall you are using (and you should be if you're not behind a router) is allowing outbound connections from the vpn client.


2. Make sure the vpn endpoint is allowing connections from your IP address.  IT folks will put in all kinds of rules to block out undesirable traffic which might be too broad and catch you as well.


Another thought, check the vpn log for indications of other issues, like key mismatch, etc.  If your client starts talking to the endpoint and then gets cut off, then the log may have more information on why.  Ask your IT folks to check their end as well.