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Comcast Router Firmware Update

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For all of you that have a Comcast supplied Netgear Router Model WNR1000v2 N150 there is a new firmware upgrade on the Netgear Site. You can either download and/or install the update from the control panel of the router.





Link to firmware is above.


Here is a list of fixes:


Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  1. Added support for IPv6.
  2. Fixed a number of IPv6 related compatibility issues.
  3. Support various HNAP commands to work with iControl solution.
  4. Support for HNAP calls to change region and wi-Fi settings through iControl solution.
  5. Fixed a number of GUI bugs. 
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Re: Comcast Router Firmware Update

Thanks Corgi got it, didn't appear through the auto update channel, so I downloaded it as you suggested.