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How to activate my router for wifi connection

I recently bough a new connectin with comcast. I got the modem and router. Modem has been activated but router is still not activated. Calling customer care is of no use. After being put on hold for 30 minutes you get a person online and he says he will transfer the call to wireless department. Then again 30 minutes of music and recorded messages. Its so frustrating.


So please let me know how to activate or set up the wireless or activate my router. My internet is working fine with the modem but since it is wired i cant move around and hence i need the wifi activated

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Re: How to activate my router for wifi connection

Please refer to your router's manual and the "How to Secure a Wireless Router" and "How to Connect to a Secured Wireless Router" topics at


If you need more help, please post the brand and model #s of the modem and the router.