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Incoming ports

I currently have Comcast in Marlborough, MA. Currently they do not seem to block port 80, 21, Remote desktop and SSH. And I'm happy with that.


Its not that I'm running a webserver on my home computer, its just that sometimes its easier to maintain home desktop remotely if 80, 21, 22 are open. 


Now, I'm moving to Hopkinton, MA. I got the rates for both Comcast and Fios for the new place. They're both comparable. I talked to the tech support at Verizon and the guy told me that they do NOT block any ports. He said that all I'd need to do is to call them up to unblock ports on the router as I need them. I don't think I believe him. My question is - does Comcast block common ports for residential customers in Hopkinton, MA? Because if they block Remote Desktop and SSH, it'd be a deal breaker. If they allow other ports, it'd be a plus.


I just want to make sure I know the facts before I make the switch (or stay with Comcast) at my new home.


p.s. Huge plus with Comcast - no long term committment. 

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Re: Incoming ports

Here is the list of ports that Comcast blocks....I don't beleive it changes on a per market basis, meaning that these ports (and only these) will be blocked inbound, wherever you live.


I don't work for Comcast...

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Re: Incoming ports

Comcast doesn't block these ports anywhere. The only ports Comcast blocks are the ones used for Windows File/Printer Sharing (137-139 and 3020 bidrectionally) and SMTP (25 inbound, and outbound if they suspect spam coming from your connection).
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Re: Incoming ports

Thanks guys... this helps a lot.


Now just waiting for people on the FIOS boards to answer my question.