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Issue with Wireless 50mbps

Hello, i have been having problems with my latest speed. I upgraded not too long ago to the extreme 50 from comcast. Of course i had to replace the modem to a device that supported docsis 3.0, but i have ran into a big issue. When i had my old plan of 20mbps i got about 18 mbps wirelessly from my laptop, which is normal considering some of the speed loss would be due to walls and wireless signal. However now i only get about 20mbps wireless from the 50 mbps plan. I have done almost everything to get a faster wireless connection, Including changing around the wireless channels and bands, moving the router across the house, and even sitting right next to it.  I still get the same speed difference. 


Here is some data for anyone who wants to help me with this problem:


Speedtest while hooked straight into the router(Ethernet):

Speedtest while hooked wirelessly to the router:


Latest upgraded modem:


My home router:


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Re: Issue with Wireless 50mbps

First of all, upgrading to the 50Mbps plan will not have any effect on the speed of your wireless connection. That change of plan affects how fast you can transfer data accross the link between your modem and the Comcast network.


Your internal wirelss connection can be affected by a number of thihgs, as you that you do not mention is the age of the computer you ar connecting via wireless, whether it has bult-in wireless or if the wireless NIC is a USB