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VIZIO XWR100 Problems

I have a Vizio XWR100 router attached to an Arris 760 modem.  For some reason, my wireless begins to slow down to a crawl on the thing and then I have to disconnect and reconnect and then it will be fine for a little bit then the same problem again.  Already had Vizio swap out the router on warranty for a new one.  Tested the router out on another network that has Uverse internet and this problem didn't happen.  There aren't a lot of settings that can be changed on this router...anyone have any luck getting this to work.  Thanks.

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Re: VIZIO XWR100 Problems

I'm not familiar with that router, but if it works elsewhere but not at your home, I'd look at your modem and/or location.  Things to try:


  • How close are the router and modem to each other?  Certain combinations don't like each other in close proximity, try seperating them by 6ft or so.
  • Is the problem with wireless only?  In other words, do your ethernet connected computers continue to work fine?  If so, you might have a wireless interference problem.  Try changing the wireless channel on the router, the channel you are using may be congested.  Turn off all cordless phones, they can be a big source of problems, if that works, get better phones (the DECT6 models use a different frequency range).
  • Update the firmware in your router, there might be a problem with it.
  • Reset the router to factory defaults and reconfigure from scratch. It's not uncommon for a router's settings to become corrupted and require a reset to clean things up.
  • Do all wireless devices have this problem or just one?  That device may be at fault.

Those are just a few things to try off the top of my head, others may have more suggestions.


My advice would be to stay away from brands like this, stick with the big names like Linksys, Netgear, D-Link and Apple that have models with good reviews from more than one source.  Please note I am not saying this particular brand or router model is bad, just that I have heard nothing good or bad about it.  Vizio is known more for their TV's than anything else (my sister likes hers).

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Re: VIZIO XWR100 Problems

I am having the same problems.

Every other day I come home and the wirless network says "incorrect password" to connect to the internet I am getting the SSID but can't connect. When I re-enter the wireless password I still get the message and then the router will lock up and I have to unplug my router and modem and restart the setup to get wireless to work again.


Also when I get this error I am still able to get on the internet but not able to log in to the Vizio router using my computer which is connected to the router via a lan cable.

I just switched to Comcast the Feb and just this week the problems started.

I tried a Vizio firmware update and there is not one available.

Love the Comcast internet but am fustrated with my Vizio router problems


Please help,


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Re: VIZIO XWR100 Problems

Replace the router with a decent model from one of the top manufactuers.  I'd stick with Linksys, Netgear, d-Link, Apple, and Asus.  Stay away from the el cheapo models, you get what you pay for in terms of quality and performance.  The Linksys E3200 and up are nice, as is the Netgear WNDR4000 and up.  I have an Apple Time Capsule (essentially an Airport Extreme with built-in hard drive) and it works great.