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Why wont my ps3 internet connection speed go any faster?

my old belkin router was a g router and ran at 7mbs then one day it just dropped to 1mbs or less. i had it for three years and thought that i needed a new one. so i got the n300 belkin router but the connection speed is still at 1mbs and wont go any higher. my computers run just fine but the ps3 is slow and ive tried everything. any suggestions? i just connected my ethernet cable from the ps3 to the comcast modem and it still funs the same speed and i just went to there website on my computer to test my connection speed and it was at 1.5mbs. is it my modem and the modem is called CM450A Touchstone Cable Modem CM450A. if its and i need to talk to my internet provider what do i say to them
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Re: Why wont my ps3 internet connection speed go any faster?

FWIW, the OP also posted the same thing in the Connection Forum;