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Wireless connection with xfinity modem and belkin router help please

Can anyone help?  I have been using the comcast "xfinity"  modem for internet and phone. It's a newer one with the wifi light on it.  I have several laptops in the house as well as all of our cell phones which prior to yesterday were all able to access the internet through our family network/xfinity modem plus a belkin router.  Our network was not secure so yesterday I followed all the steps to set it up as a secure network.  Since then, I am able to get on the internet with the pc that is directly connected but I can not get any wireless connections.  We have all entered the chosen password but no luck.  Our phones show the network yet it says disabled and when we try to connect the wireless light on my belkin router just flashes an orange/red light.  What have I done wrong?!  This is making me crazy!  Appreciate any and all help.