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compatible router for comcast

I am looking for a list of compatible routers for my comcast internet.  I found a list of modems, but have been unable to find a list of routers.  I had Verizon ( not verizon brand) before and I am being told this is not compatible because of the plugs. Maybe there is a adapter or a walmart, best buy or retail brand that is not crazy expensive that will work.  My son plays alot of wow ,etc on his laptop.
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Re: compatible router for comcast

Most any router will work. Just get one with the features you need. Some lower-end models may not be able to handle the highest D3 speeds of 50Mbit or more.
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Re: compatible router for comcast

I'm partial Linksys routers, but Comcast will work with any router as long as it has an Ethernet interface and was not designed solely for DSL systems.


Anything from the WRT54GL up will work fine for your network.  If you want to setup up to wireless-N (and I would recommend it going forward) or with gigabit ethernet interfaces for fastest local connections, the WRT320N is very nice.


Linksys makes many models, as does Netgear and D-Link, as well as others.  All should work just fine.  Just find the combination of features you want in the price range you have.