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wifi password change

how do you change your wifi password?

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Re: wifi password change

First....What make/model of router do you have?

Log into your router using the default (or current) password...(Usually) under the "Security" heading, you should see the current Username/Password.....Make the change(s).....SAVE the changes...and exit.....

Depending on what router/gateway you have, for access:

Post back to let us know how you made out....

Good luck!

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Re: wifi password change

FWIW, some makes / models also use this address;

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Re: wifi password change

I'm trying to do the same thing and can't login to my router with the default username and password (admin/password is what I tried).


I had xfinity setup less than a month ago and I'm sure I did not change it. Maybe the technician who installed it did?


I have the ARRIS TG862 router. Any recommendations? I'm tempted to hard reset it, but I'm not sure what I would need to do to re-establish the connection between the modem and comcast.