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How to move email folders on a mac

How do I move email folders on a mac.  Mine won't move, they either go inside another folder or they bounce back.  I want mine to be in alpha order.  thx

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Re: How to move email folders on a mac

i created 3 new folders to test . Seems i have to drag folder down till a blue line with circle shows up .


                  0----------------            and the "smart mailboxes" is circled and highlighted 

                if you drag down up down without letting go of click you can see what i mean . When you see the blue line with circle O-------------          let go of folder 


                                           easier to do then explain

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Re: How to move email folders on a mac

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What version of Mac Mail are you using?  I can drag/drop email folders to any position.  To drag a folder between two others you have to be careful about drop placement and wait til you get the little blue line with a tiny circle on the left end or else you might end up dragging the source folder INSIDE another folder.  I'm using Mail 5.2 on OS X 10.7.3. 


EDIT: Ah, I see UFHhd said essentially the same thing.  Well, that's two votes for it working ;-)