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email to disk

copying an email folder to a disk from Comcast (on a Mac)

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Re: email to disk

You are going to have to explain yourself a great deal more.  Complete sentences would be very nice. :smileywink:


If you mean you want the contents of a folder you see in SmartZone copied to your Mac, then I think the best and fastest solution is to setup Mac Mail to get your messages from the Comcast POP server,


1. Setup your Mac Mail client.  See this post for setup instructions - Managing your Email in Mac OSX

2. After you have the account setup, create a folder in Mac Mail to hold the messages you want to download.

3. In SmartZone, move the messages from the folder in question to your Inbox.  

4. In Mac Mail, use Get Mail to download all the messages you just moved.

5. In Mac Mail, move the messages in question to the folder you created in #2.

6. Move the messages in SmartZone's inbox back into whatever folder they came from.


Please make sure that in #1 you set the option to keep a copy of messages on the server, or when you download messages in #4, they will disappear from SmartZone and only exist in Mac Mail.