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Can't "View my Site"

I have set my preferences to see personal webpages and created pages with the Comcast tool, but when I hit the "view my site" button all I see is "coming soon".  Also, when trying to view the pages, it looks as if a java script is loading ("loading or cancel), but all i get is a grey box on the screen.  What is going wrong?

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Re: Can't "View my Site"

Clear you cache/temporary internet files or try the refresh or reload button on your browser.  The browser could be reading the old page from the internet cache/temporary internet files on your computer.  Refresh/reload will force the browser to download the new page.

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Re: Can't "View my Site"

Is it Simplicity Organizing with the butterfly theme?


As lead5alpha notes, reloading the page (maybe after clearing the cache) should show it.

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Re: Can't "View my Site"

Try typing your web name then

Don't use www. Just the web name and

Good Luck