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Cannot Connect to account using FTP

I'm having a problem with my FTP software making a connection to my account.  I have other Comcast accounts and the FTP software connects and performs fine.  But with this account, I get the following error message using FIleZilla:


Error:    Failed to retrieve directory listing
Error:    Connection closed by server


I spent about 45 minutes last night with customer support and got nowhere.


Anyone got a suggestion?  Or can anyone help with this?



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Re: Cannot Connect to account using FTP

Others have reported problems with FileZilla in the past on this forum.  Try changing from Active to Passive mode or vice versa.  Sometimes that makes a difference.


Check with another FTP client.  If it connects the problem is with FileZilla.  Windows has one built in.  Open any windows explorer window (not internet explorer) and erase the address bar.  Type in  Follow the prompts.  CoreFTPLE is a good free client for windows.


There is some information on google that indicates FileZilla returns errors on directories that contain a very large number of files.