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Help with Web Page.


I have difficulties understanding what I am doing wrong when I try to link a file from my web space.


What I want to accomplish:

I would like to upload my personal *.mp3 files, my promotioanl mixes, and I want to be able to let other people to download them. 

   As a test, I uploaded max.mp3 file into my root directory ( / ), then I can link the file ok, but when I move it to a folder and use,  I get 404 error. Please educate me on this issue.


Also, is there a HTML tag that will automatically offer to download the file, instead of streaming it? I use Google Chrome and when I test my fil it plays automatically.

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Re: Help with Web Page.

One possiblity is a mismatch in case.  The server is case sensitive and bluemoonofkentucky.mp3 is not the same file as BlueMoonofKentucky.mp3 or folder is not the same as Folder.  Link and file name must match exactly.


Put a note on the page with the link indicating to "right click and save link as" for those who want to download.  How browsers are setup with various music player plugins will vary from visitor to visitor and determine how the file is handled.