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migrating from Comcast PWP - redirection question

I've run my website hosted by Comcast PWP for 18 months, but it's time to move on as FileZilla stopped working and Comcast PWP support seems to have sunset.
Since I built my website by hand (HTML and Notepad) instead of using proprietary PWP tools, it's easy to move the pages to another web hosting provider.

My question is: what's the best way to redirect clicks on my Comcast PWP website to the new host?
I have a domain name ( at, and I've pointed that to the new host instead of Comcast.
Therefore anyone accessing my website from the homepage will get content from the new host.

However, many Google searches point to my individual web pages with the Comcast name embedded in the URL: for example.
I've got a dozen or more pages like this one which got a lot of hits over the past year and a half.
I would like to preserve whatever "link juice" I've built up with the search engines while I steer traffic to the new URLs and host.

It appears that there are two popular ways to redirect traffic.
I can use a "Meta Refresh Tag" in my header or I can try to implement a 301 redirect. (I hope I'm using the correct terminology.)

The 301 redirect looks like it would globally redirect all traffic from my Comcast site to the new site.
However, I've got to create an .htaccess file in the root of my web server, and I'm not sure if I can do that with Comcast PWP or how.
I also don't understand if all clicks get redirected to the home page of the new site, which might confuse people.

Plan B is to put a "Meta Refresh Tag" into each of the separate pages' HTML files so that for example would be redirected to the new site's URL .  Once there, any clicks would stay on the new site.

Does anyone have thoughts about what's best? 
I've read mixed reviews on the "Meta Refresh Tag" as to whether or not it upsets Search Engine Optimization.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

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Re: migrating from Comcast PWP - redirection question

Comcast does not allow any server side scripts on their web server so you would not be able to do a redirect with the htaaccess file.  The meta tag refresh redirect works.  Plan B would be the best bet to have anyone that lands on any of your pages get to your new site.

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Re: migrating from Comcast PWP - redirection question

I took a different approach. I have a "missing" page at:

I think that all I did was have a file in my home directory called notfound.html with its name all in lower case.


I seem to be able to try to access any page name in my pages and get that notfound.html page.

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Re: migrating from Comcast PWP - redirection question

I'm implementing the  "Meta Refresh Tag"  for redirection now.


Thank you, lead5alpha and BethKatz for your many helpful responses on the Comcast forums.

I've learned a lot over the past year by reading your posts.