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NT user id

what is NT user ID, when I try to go to web sites i am asked to log in using nt user id and password.  I have typed in my comcast user id and password and nothing happens.  What is the problem?


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Re: NT user id

Your NT username and ID are your Windows login name and password.  What sites are asking for this information?  They should only be asked for when you Turn on your PC, Reboot your PC, login to a proxy, login to a corporate domain, or VPN.  You may have a trojan attempting to get your login info.  Let me know what sites are asking, please.

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Re: NT user id

I have new Comcast internet service.  When I logon to other email accounts or financial accounts I get a popup saying sign in NT User Id and password.  I have called tech help 4 times and they say the only user name and password they know is for logging to their website.  That doesn't work.

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Re: NT user id

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This  is a common error, the usual remedy is to ask Comcast to "Roll and reprovision / APT push the modem.

(the wording is important). The problem you have is getting a rep that knows what you mean. Call in to Comcast, hopefully you'll get a result!


If no success, the best bet at the weekend, is probably to get in touch by twitter:!/comcastcares


Or try the people here: Comcast Customer Security Assurance.
Normal business hours (6:00 am to 2:00 am EST, 7 days a week) 888-565-4329