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Spyware removed, but still having problems.

First of all let me state that I am not very IT savvy! I have a 5 year old Dell pc, running windows xp. About a week ago I became infected by spyware. Mcafee (the free version from comcast) did not catch it, Ad-aware did not catch it. I ran a full scan on both, but they did not quarantine it. Some of the problems it caused was: stopping system restore from working, stopping task manager from working, it started a new windows start page, along with all the other issues you can imagine with spyware on your system. I installed "Superantispyware" and ran a full scan and it was able to detect the trojan and quarantine it. The problem? My system is now extremely slow both on and off the internet. It will take 15 minutes to go from turning the machine on until the windows start page loads, 5 minutes to open my e-mail ect. I am also still experiencing the system restore/task manager/and start page issues. Any help would be appreciated in layman terms!
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Re: Spyware removed, but still having problems.

Try this stuff: Clickable Link to the READ THIS FIRST thread at the top of the security forum


Once you reach step 5, post a hijackthis log.