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Spoof calls

Can Spoof calls be intercepted before they reach my phone? Or is there a way for me to block them from accessing my phone? 

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Re: Spoof calls

There is but comcast won't allow it.

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Re: Spoof calls

A Comcast representative called me about this problem and stated that filtering or blocking SPOOFED calls is impossible for Comcast to effectively accomplish because the numbers constantly change.

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Re: Spoof calls



Sorry about the inconvenience you are having. We have several ways to block certain types of calls.


Anonymous Call Rejection blocks all incoming calls from people who have deliberately blocked their caller ID, either using the Caller ID Block per Call feature (*67) or the Caller ID Block per Line feature.  Typically, their caller ID would show as “Anonymous,” “Private,” or “Private Caller.”  Those inbound callers will instead hear a message that the customer does not want to receive a call from any party that has blocked their caller ID.

Anonymous Call Rejection will Not Block any call where the caller ID information is not reported or is incomplete.  For example, calls that either display “Unknown,” just the city and/or state, or just the telephone number are all permitted to ring through.

We also have call screening Available if you do not wish to be disturbed by certain people may use the Call Screening feature to block up to twelve telephone numbers.  Inbound callers from those numbers will hear a polite message indicating that they are not receiving calls at this time. Please dial *60 and follow the prompts.


We have call trace If you receive a harassing or otherwise offensive and illegal telephone call, you can protect yourself using the Call Trace feature.  This feature will store the telephone number of the immediately preceding inbound call.  You should activate Call Trace by dialing *57 as soon as possible after receiving the offensive call in order to ensure that the information about the call is not lost.

The trace of the call is not available to the customer; rather it will be made available to law enforcement agents investigating the harassing or obscene calls.

The National Do Not Call Registry can limit the amount of telemarketing calls you receive. You can register by going to, or by calling 1-888-382-1222.

  • Q: Will all telemarketing calls stop?
  • A: Most will stop, but there are some exceptions. Calls from political organizations, charities and surveys are still permitted, along with calls from companies with which you have an existing business relationship.

Please let me know if you require further assistance. 

Thank You