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CSI: New York!!!

Please help me understand why it is taking you so long to post or upload episodes of CSI:  New York.  I rely heavily on ondemand because I watch so many shows at one time, but I keep getting let down as far as CSI:  New York goes.  WHY???  Please help me understand.  Can you sense my frustration?????  Do I need to find some way to start recording it now because I don't have this problem with other shows????????

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Re: CSI: New York!!!

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The CBS network decides when to make their programs available for On Demand.



The episode from 2/10 is available for viewing online.  You might try that.

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Re: CSI: New York!!!

FYI, there was no episode of CSI: NY on 2/17. A Gifted Man has taken over its timeslot for a while, the next new episode is scheduled for March 30.