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Criminal Minds

Why is this program not on demand?  What criteria is needed for programs to be on demand?

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Re: Criminal Minds

I used to just use Netflix/internet for my TV viewing before I signed up for Cable again.  I can tell you that Criminal Minds was never an option to watch on CBS website.  They have clips but no full eps.

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Re: Criminal Minds

criminal minds episodes are online in full.  i don't know what you looked at but here is the link.

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Re: Criminal Minds

Rog, the 2 years I didn't have cable they were not uploading the full eps to the website.  So great find.  Looks like they must have had enough complaints to offer that online now.

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Re: Criminal Minds



I do apologize but at this time the network hasn't provided any shows for criminal minds. But if you go on demand-TV-networks-CBS you can see all the shows similar to criminal minds that are being offered on demand

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Re: Criminal Minds

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Actually, only four, so I don't know where YOU were looking. Maybe technically speaking you were right, but I don't think when people speak of wanting to watch full-length videos, they're not talking about a number less than their show size.


I'm just sayin'...


Four stinking videos and this program has been on, for what, 14 seasons now??? I don't get that; NO WHERE online is there any videos from any of the first 10 seasons even. Yet myriad networks give THEIR valuable fans myriad FULL LENGTH videos, because they know that YOU DON'T SCREW VALUABLE FANS.


And the insipid children of the entertainment industry STILL can't figure out why people download, so they should just save their fake-arsed crocodile tears about how broke they are and how they can't do their overpriced hookers AND blow anymore, they actually have to make a choice between one OR the other.



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Re: Criminal Minds

there's only been 9 seasons so far of criminal minds but i wish they had the episodes on demand.  i don't get it.