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Error Code 14

I have not had On Demand service for at least 6 months. Made 3 separate calls over the phone and went through the normal reset criteria (unplug box....) on first and second calls. Third call i was told the signal to my home would be reset and that I should leave my boxes off for at least 30 min. That also did not help. In December we had a tech come to the house. He spent most of the day there and determined that all the boxes in my home were not receiving IP addresses. He tested all the wiring in my home and determined that the wiring was ok. He replaced the wire that goes from the pole to my home and that did not work. He then ran a direct line from the pole to the cable box on my patio and the box was still unable to get an IP address. He sat in his truck on the phone with a supervisor for about 30 minutes and then told me the problem would be passed on to the next level since the problem must be with the software or at the main center.


I have yet to hear back from anyone important. When I call to report that I still cannot get On Demand I get the same solution. Unplug your box............I tell them about the guy that spent a day at my home and all they suggest is having another tech come out.


When are you guys going to get your act together? It seems like a pretty common problem here since the big switch over to the new menu. Let's go are going to start losing customers.


I have given up.

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Re: Error Code 14

Try switching out the equip may be a tuner issue.

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Re: Error Code 14

Please call Comcast to report it, as it might be a account issue or a signal issue. Error 14 is no IP address on a Scientific Atlanta / Cisco box, just as a error 7 is no IP on Motorola equipment.


Comcast will need to step through the troubleshooting steps to find and fix the issue with either your account or signal.


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Re: Error Code 14

You should read the messages from Comcast customers before giving your ''expert advice'' concerning On Demand. You suggest calling Customer Service before writing a review, been there done that.  I am fed up with calling customer service as they all have their own ideas on what the problem is and how to fix it  which tells me it is obvious that no one knows what they are talking about. Comcast need to fix this problem now or they will lose more customers to Verizon and other cable companies. I give up.

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Re: Error Code 14



Didn't you read my post? They were out at my home for a full day and NONE of the 3 boxes in my home can get an IP address. They told me the problem would be escalated to the next level and I HEARD NOTHING BACK FROM THEM!


Now when I call they want to start the whole process over again with sending a tech out. Been there, done that. The problem is not with the boxes, in my home wiring or out on the pole. It is a problem with the signal from the center. Apparently, it is not something they want to fix or possibly a problem they cannot fix.