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No On Demand

My old box died, got my new one today. On Demand not working, have had box reset twice, I get a can not connect to server. error " CL-0x000f ". Any one have any idea? I have a tech coming out Monday.


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Re: No On Demand

OK.  Seriously.  Same issue.


Box died.  Traded in at Comcast today. 11-3-12.  Went home, activiated.  No on demand.  When I click the on demand button, it will load the on demand window.  The "advertisement" in the upper right hand video - the video that plays - plays, and I have one option - ABOUT ON DEMAND.  There are no other options.  



I have chatted with support multiple times tonight, and they keep "refreshing" my box, luck.  I honestly don't even think they are doing that because historically when ive had it done (a box reset) it will wipe out the channel guide for about 10 minutes.


I'm so frustrated because its not enough we pay $170 a month for services through them, but now Im constantly chatting with someone who keeps doing the same thing the person before them did.


Frustrating. Frustrating. Frustrating.


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Re: No On Demand

Having the same problem since about the beginning of NOV. Have called, they've reset  and still nothing! almost $200 a mo and no On Demand and no ITV! FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!