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On Demand - ERROR 17

Unable to view selected tv shows via 'ON DEMAND'.  I get a message requesting to call '1-888-COMCAST' and mention ERROR 17.  I call the number, but no one responsds.  The phone just rings and rings and rings.  What gives?

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Re: On Demand - ERROR 17

Try calling 1-800-COMCAST.

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Re: On Demand - ERROR 17

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Re: On Demand - ERROR 17

Instead of being so conserned about "colorful language" maybe you should be more conserned about "customer service" people are adults and when a service that is being charged for an abnoxious amount of money doesnt work "adults" get angry and colorful language is a part of the process called "venting" you people are not 6yrs old....grow up!!!

That being said I have been trying to watch a movie on your wonderful lame ondemand and I keep getting the error 17 and I am friggin angry...oh can I say friggin?

If I call they will so sorry just unplug your box and wait for 30 minutes to friggin reset...I am paying way too much money for all this frustration...think Im gonna go back to directv they have new boxes that are now 1080p and will be compatible with my 1080p flat screen...basically I have been paying you people $17.95 for a dvr hd box that doesnt work fully with my 1080p tv...oh and they knocked off $7.95 for a limited time for my forever inconvience or until I go back to directv...when that period is up I have to call back complain and grovel at the great comcast moneywhore's feet "you screw me once shame on me you screw me twice shame on me"!!!

I called my samsung tv company and they said that my tv is only compatible with 1080p have switched out two boxes before I called samsung...I was thinking of going to your anywhere dvr but I was told they are also 1080i low tech...ergo directv here I come!!!