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On Demand button

I just got a new DVR Player because my old one did not work.  After the old was out I tried to use my on demand button and I got an 14 Error.  I called contact and they said the on Demand was not working and they were working on fixing it.  That was last Friday and when I called yesterday the girl said I should unplug it and then Comcast it back in.  She also said I would loose everything I have saved.  I just got through putting everything back on that I had on my old DVR.  I don;t want to have to imput all the information in again.  Does anybody

have any suggestions.



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Re: On Demand button

If you unplug the powercord to the DVR, you will not lose your recordings or your scheduled recordings.

Powercycling the box is the most common solution to an ERR 14, normally it takes about 30 minutes after a powercycle for the VOD and the TV Guide to start to reload.  Give it a try, if it doesn't work, call back and have them send out a tech to check your box and signal levels.

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