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Overpriced pay per view - $81 to watch one game!

Wanted to watch the Iowa women's NCAA tournament game last weekend. $81 for pay-per-view!!!!  Anyone care to defend charging that much when I just want to watch one game? ANYONE?

Watched it online for FREE, so the moral to this story: Get a monitor cable to hook the laptop into the TV... and redefine "Cable" TV.
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Re: Overpriced pay per view - $81 to watch one game!

It sounds like you purchased a half season of the ESPN FullCourt package.

That package would have included games starting from Jan 7th til the end of the season, not just the game you watched.  The pricing reflects all the games in that timeframe, not just the specific game you watched.

In some regions we have the ability to just purchase a single day of the programming, but that is not available in all areas yet, but we are working on expanding that option for instances like you mentioned where you just want to watch the single game.


I don't know if the Iowa game was available there, but the site, often shows a good number of games that are not broadcast on the ESPN channels.  You could always try that site for programming, it is a free service as long as you subscribe to ESPN in your cable package.

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