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Saturday Night Live (SNL) Piece Missing

The Maya Rudolph episode 15 season 37 is missing a huge chunck of video on On-Demand. The missing part includes the very funny scene with Bon Iver coming to meet Blue Ivey as well as the singer.

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Re: Saturday Night Live (SNL) Piece Missing

I also missed the broadcast and was startled when on-demand was only 48 minutes long.  SNL only posts segments that do not have any musical component.  If music is posted, then they have to pay rights to the musician.  They *always* omit the two musical performance segments.  When the monologue includes even one snippet of a "song", it won't get posted.  Presumably the Beyonce-JayZ sketch also had someone hum a snippet of a tune.  As a result, the on-demand had no monologue and no Beyonce Baby sketch.  The good news is that this episode was highly regarded and likely will get rerun on NBC before the season is over.