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"Feature unavailable"

I've had Comcast for tv and internet for about 2 months now.  In that time, I have not had any ability to use VOD because I always get a message saying "feature unavailable".  I have the Digital Preferred package for my tv choices, and can't understand why my XFinity services for some reason do not allow me to have/access VOD.  Can someone help me out with this or do I have to try to solve it through Customer Service?

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Re: "Feature unavailable"

I had my service installed in December and for the first 2 months I had no DVR/Record feature or VOD. I got the same message you are getting. They sent someone out 3 (2 times for the DVR issue) times. Each time they replaced the box and only the last time was it effective. I don't believe the technicians really had any idea why it was happening and just got lucky. Good luck to you.