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Xfinity Connect "Voice" Tab Doesn't Work

I can't manage my voicemail account because the "Voice" tab and all submenus are not available to me online.  I hit the "Voice" tab and get an "upsell" message like I don't already have digital voice service. 


I've had multiple local tech. visits to my house and have an ticket open since January 7th to no avail.  I have chatted with a rep. online numerous times and was told there is no timeframe to resolve this issue.


I have waited through two 72 hours periods where "national" and "HSI" people were supposed to fix the problem and "rebuild my vitrual inbox".    None of this happened and no follow-up occured. 


I do get a notification email of new voicemails in the "Email" tab of Connect.


I am ready to cancel service but I have seen many people on this forum with the same problem and it appears that Comcast people have "made changes to your account" and the thread dies.  I assume these changes worked and therefore the thread ended.


I am looking to have these simple changes to my account made because this clearly seems to be a common problem that involves account settings - i.e. it should be easy to fix.

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Re: Xfinity Connect "Voice" Tab Doesn't Work

The Comcast Cares Team has been notified of your post and will get the right people to get it fixed.


Watch this post and your email for updates from the team during the business week.

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Re: Xfinity Connect "Voice" Tab Doesn't Work


Thank You
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Re: Xfinity Connect "Voice" Tab Doesn't Work

This issue was resolved by engineer with a "complete voicemail rebuild".  This was done on the morning of 1/27/12, so two days to get this fixed via the forum.   Thank you for quickly getting this resolved.


Also, I recieved a follow-up call from the engineer and a supervisor to make sure everything was working.  Thanks again for the follow-up and quick resolution.