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Installing new modem

Comcast wants me to install a new modem since my old one apparently can't handle the "full range of speeds" available. 


In looking over the self install package I see a note: "Connection of Xfinity service to your home's existing phone jacks requires the assistance of a Comcast technician".  Right now the modem is plugged into an existing phone jack which seems to power the other jacks in my home.  This wouldn't be a problem except my modem is under my kitchen counter and if I plug my phone into the new one I'm not going to have any place to put the phone.  And moving the modem is not really an option.


I don't want to have to pay a tech to come out here to hook the stupid thing up and now I'm nervous about messing with it. 


Any thoughts on what I should do?

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Re: Installing new modem

You don't need a tech to replace a old eMTA telephony modem for a new one.  Just hook it up the same way.