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No phone line light on new cable modem

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I recently recieved a new cable modem from Comcast, as an upgrade to my old one. I hooked everything up and did the self activation on my computer. Well during activation it had a big X on CDV. It wouldn't let me do anything with it and now 2 days have passed since I got the modem working and the phone light hasn't been on whatsoever. The home phone says Check tel line and there is no dial tone. The phone WAS working with the previous cable modem, so do I just have it get it activated? Everything else works, aside from the phone.


Note: After resetting the eMTA it goes through each light and by the time it gets to the phone light, it blinks 3 times and then goes off then staying off. 

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Re: No phone line light on new cable modem


Sorry about the issues you are having. As I look at your wireless gateway modem I show good levels and everything is working properly. I have escalated your issue and someone will be in contact with you soon.

Thank You