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Phone Issues for about a week now!!!

So my phones just stopped working. When there is an incoming call the house phones do not ring. I went to best buy to get new phones thinking it was the phones but it wasn't. They still do not work!! Also when we make a call you can hear a lot of static and a long beep that lasts throughout the phone call. 


Anyone had this kind of problem? I have tried the reset button and it has not worked. What should I do?

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Re: Phone Issues for about a week now!!!

Next troubleshooting step is to unplug the phone cord on the eMTA telephony modem and plug in a known good wired phone directly to the L1/L2 jack.  Give it a test.


It the issue goes away by bypassing your inside phone wiring, then the issue is with the inside phone wiring, jacks and splices.


If the issue still happens connected directly to the eMTA, then the next step would be contact Comcast support and they can do a health check on the eMTA and decide if a tech needs to come out or not.

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Re: Phone Issues for about a week now!!!


Thank You