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Remote Call Forwarding

I recently converted my AT&T land line into Comcast Digital Voice. I forward my calls to my cell phone whenever I leave the house by dialing the *72 then my cell phone number. However, sometimes I forget to do this, and I was told by Comcast tech support that IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to remote call forward your phone to another call when you'realready outside your home. This is one feature that I really miss, because of the nature of my work, I get calls to my home office, my cell phone, and my home phone numbers. If I forget tocallforward it before I leave the house, it is important for me be able to remote callforward the calls. Will comcast provide this service in the enar future?
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Re: Remote Call Forwarding

I agree that's an important feature.  I switched over from vonage.  I am used to being able login to the web account and change features that way.
I could be at work login to vonage and tell it to forward my calls to my cell which was great.  I think comcast will start coming out with features like that and remote.  Everyone has to remember CDV is in it's infancy stage.  As long as relability and quality come first then features later I am ok with that.  I don't want to sacrifice those over features.
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Re: Remote Call Forwarding

You may not be aware of this but you can set up to receive e-mail messages for messages left on CDV voicemail.  I travel a lot, and I can use my laptop at client offices and hotels.  Also, if you have a Blackberry or comparable service, you can check your e-mail for messages.  This is some consolation for not being able to remotely forwarding calls from your CDV number.  Personally, I'm wary of forwarding calls since some are non-business calls from charities pleading for contributions and politicians asking for votes (both are exempt from do-not-call rules).. 
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Re: Remote Call Forwarding

Hi jojos100,

The information that our representative gave you is correct. As of right now, you can only set up call forwarding (or any other feature aside from voicemail) from home. However, we are currently working on some improvements to the Digital Voice Center which will give you control of this feature from anywhere you have internet access, which should be available in the near future.

Thanks for the question!


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Re: Remote Call Forwarding

Hi Andrew, welcome aboard.:smileywink:
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