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Stuttering Dial Tone

When I have a voice mail on my machine, I would like to get a stuttering dial tone when I pick up my receiver so that I know that I have a voice mail to listen to.  What can I do to get the stuttering dial tone enabled?

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Re: Stuttering Dial Tone

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The stutter should be always on when a new voice mail is in the mailbox.  There is nowhere to enable or disable it, in either Smartzone preference or digitalvoice center.


I've notified the Comcast Corp team to look at your account to make sure it is proper.


Watch this post and your email for updates from the Team Friday or Monday.

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Re: Stuttering Dial Tone

If he is using his own answering machine there will be no stutter tone unless you have a phone/machine combo and that is an available feature. We only do stutter tone with our Voicemail system.

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