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cordless phone issue with comcast cable modem

I'm in a condo.  Moved to Comcast from Verizon and can't be backwired so my cordless phone base has to be connected directly to the cable modem.  This has created an issue where the handsets in the other rooms can't find the base.  Would moving to a 5.8 ghz phone help?  I currently am using a panasonic dect 6.0.

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Re: cordless phone issue with comcast cable modem

Yes, but first buy a long telephone cord and get the cordless phone base as far away from the eMTA telephony modem as possible.  I'm talking like 25 or 50 feet away and towards the center of the condo.


The wi-fi transmitter can interfere with many cordless phone bases, especially older 2.4ghz phones that share the same fequencies of wi-fi.