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will X1 platform cost more?

I'm a current Triple Play subscriber in Philadelphia.  I'd like to obtain the X1 platform.  I have the anyroom DVR in my living room and three other cable boxes throughout the house.  I'd like to know whether I will incur any additional costs if I upgrade to the X1 platform.  I was told that each new X1 box would cost $17.95 per month, which is a significant increase over the $9.95 per month I pay for the current boxes.

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Re: will X1 platform cost more?

I was told that the x1 would cost less than the 3 DVRs and Triple Play, which was $200 per month. I am now going to pay about 240 dollars per month with 1 x1 DVR and 3 satellite units. There does not seem to be a way to figure out how much things cost until after you have them installed? If a customer service rep tells you it will be less, than what recourse do you have when it turns out to be $40 a month more?

What recourse do I have?

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Re: will X1 platform cost more?

Don't forget the one time $49.99 to $99.99 X1 "platform upgrade fee" depending on your market.

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Re: will X1 platform cost more?

I have also found this to be true.  When I went to the comcast center I was told my bill would be 52.25 per. month, then I got the bill 130.00.  Not good service, even when I went back and spent another 1.5 hours sitting in the waiting room I did not get an itemized bill so I can not prove that the price I was quoted again is even good?!!!  I was quoted a few dollars more for the x1 but did not want to pay for the installation, low on funds.  I am in Delray beach fl if that helps.

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Re: will X1 platform cost more?

I am on Triple Play as well. My bill with X1 is the same as before within a buck or two.