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Contact name on text's not showing



I am using the text messaging tool throught the Xfinity App on my Iphone 3GS. Is there anyway to turn on caller ID for text messaging. I have no problem receiving or sending, but would like to know who is texting me before I open it up. It only displays my contacts numbers and when I first text them the app must be pulling from my phone contacts. Also- if this cannot be changed- who do I contact at Xfinity to make suggestions?

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Re: Contact name on text's not showing

swaplphone - when you are in the app, we are able to just do a local read from the contacts for only the purposes of displaying the corresponding name for that contact. When you recieve a text message as a notification outside the app, we have no means of matching that with a contact entry in your address book. This is the way iOS is designed today. 


I will pass this suggesion on to our team.

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Re: Contact name on text's not showing

I have a related question. Is there any way to display my name instead of my home phone number when texting? I would prefer to not give this number out to some of the people I may be contacting via text, and should someone choose to call me after receiving a text, i likely would not be at home to receive it.