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xfinity email account or comcast email

Who would be my default mail server or client

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Re: xfinity email account or comcast email

JAlice1 wrote:

Who would be my default mail server or client depends.  A mail client is a program installed on your own computer such as Outlook or Thunderbird or Windows Mail.  These programs download the email from Comcast's servers online to your own computer.  Usually there is a choice to set the client as your default email client both when you set up the program and also in your browser.  Setting an email program as the default means that whenever you click on and email link it will launch that particular program.  Instructions for settting up various email clients can be found here.


If, on the other hand, you decide to use Xfinity Connect, Comcast's web-based email, you won't be able to use an email link since there is no program installed on your computer that can be launched.  In effect, you just go to a Comcast website.  Here is another, indepth discussion of email clients vs web-based email.



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Default email client

What to I use for a defalut email client. I can't use
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Re: Default email client

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An email client is a 3rd party program which you install on your computer and configure to work with Comcast mail. You cannot use the web version of mail as a default client because it is a web page which cannot be set as default to open when you click a Mail To: link.


There are many email clients you can download and install.


Outlook, wich is inclueded in Microsoft Office. Windows Live Mail, Eudora, Thunderbird.


If your operating system is Windows XP, Outlook Express is included in XP.


You can decide which one you want to use and if you need help setting it up,  post back here and we will help you.




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Re: Default email client

Thank you for explaining this to me. I needed the direction to go. :smileyhappy: